Birthday present from my bro!
Every man needs one of these!
Bug fix:
users can now upload Landscape and Portrait images from mobile.
(previously could only upload sqaure images)
Never too early for burgers, with everything on!
Social share buttons now added to user\'s profile page.
Right hand side on desktop view.
Bottom of page on mobile view.

Facebook button will automatically pull your profile url.
Twitter button will automatically pull your profile url and will also auto-populate a message. You can add your own #hashtag as you see fit.

More social buttons will be added upon request/suggestion
Event icons (add photo, video, place etc) have been made slightly smaller in mobile view as they were overflowing onto a second row.
Updated main menu to include user profile pic with link to profile.

This resulted in too many icons at top in mobile view so i made room by removing old link to \"personal feed\" as it was pointless anyway.
Just found the silhouette of a massive pair of boobs playin Vanished Omens!
Biker amazing landing, full video.
Nafo: He lands like a ninja!
2014-08-20 08:30:57
Nafo: Manly types doing manly things.
2014-08-20 06:53:37
nombo: also, i need to sort out the image sizes. get rid of this \'cropping\' shit!
2014-08-20 06:55:16
FIST-BUMPS now accumulate as MAN-POINTS at the lower-right of each post
edit: /themesLadBook/html/profile